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Routine Maintenance

One of the easiest ways to prevent major engine and brake repair is with proper routine maintenance. Between filters, fluids, belts and brakes –We'll help you avoid potentially costly breakdowns and extend the life of your vehicle.

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When you step on the brakes do you hear screeching or grinding? Does your steering wheel vibrate? We'll perform a thorough inspection of your brake system, then make any repairs necessary to ensure that you're safe on the road.

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You may think BIG BUCKS when it comes to fixing your transmission, but this isn't necessarily true – You may only need a small repair. We'll provide you with an honest diagnosis to keep your costs as low as possible and your gears shifting smoothly.

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Don't avoid those knocking sounds or the smoke billowing from your tailpipe. These are signs that your engine probably needs repair. Engine problems aren't always a major expense but if ignored, they could leave you stranded with a hefty price tag.

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A/C Service

Air conditioning is not a luxury, it's a necessity – Even in our short Alberta summer. Loose hoses, a broken blower, leaks and cracks can all be the cause of A/C failure. Catch the problem early to avoid a blistering hot car and a pricey repair. 

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Vehicle Inspections

Feel confident buying your next pre-owned vehicle. Our pre-purchase inspection will ensure that your vehicle complies with Alberta safety standards and most importantly, keeps your family safe.


Sometimes you don't notice the wear and tear on your wheels until you're changing a tire in 30 below. Whether you need new tires, a seasonal tire swap or tire repair, we'll get you rolling as quickly as possible.

We sat down and here is a bit more info for you to use:


*service and repair all differentials and anything related, including axles and wheel bearings.

*work on all vehicle makes and models (up to 1.5 ton), including luxury brands.

*provide digital diagnostics, as well as reprogramming and module updates for Ford, Cheverolet and Toyota.

*work on antique vehicle models, carburated vehicles and mechanical ignition systems.

* all service tech's keep Upton date with current factory and after market training courses.

* provide service and repairs for diesel vehicles.

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