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If you suspect that your vehicle needs servicing, you're probably right. The following are repairs that we offer along with a few warning signs you shouldn't ignore. 


Transmission icon.png

Red Flags:

Slipping gears, leaking fluid, rough shifts or burning smell.


Brakes icon.png

Red Flags:

Screeching, grinding, vibration, or pulling.


Engine icon.png

Red Flags:

Running rough, overheating, strange smells, or stalling.


Tire icon.png

Red Flags:

Vibration, air leak, cracks, low tire tread.


AC icon.png

Red Flags:

Leaking fluids, strange odour, or weak airflow


Differential icon.png

Red Flags:

Difficult handling, vibrations, grinding, clicking or clunking.

Additional Services

  • Routine maintenance

  • Vehicle inspections (in-province)

  • New tires, repairs & seasonal swaps

  • Digital diagnostics, reprogramming & module updates for Ford, Chevrolet & Toyota

We work on all vehicle makes & models (up to 1.5 ton), including;

  • Luxury brands.

  • Antique models

  • Carburated vehicles

  • Mechanical ignitions systems

  • Diesel vehicles

Avoid potential accidents, breakdowns & hefty repair costs. 

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